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In September we brought together the largest-ever offering of MEAM 410/510, and 93 students have made it through the gauntlet. Many of them had been trained in mechanical engineering, along with a handful from embedded systems, electrical engineering, and even bioengineering. The students went through a grueling sequence of hands-on projects to develop and hone their skills in each of the critical subdomains of mechatronics, and it all culminates in this four-week project wherein the students formed small groups to design, build, and program teams of fully-autonomous robots to play hockey. While the robots may look similar from a distance, when you get close you recognize that each piece of hardware was custom designed and fabricated, the wires of each circuit were laid out and soldered by hand, and the code running on the embedded MAEVARM M2 processor was written and debugged from scratch. It is truly phenomenal what they have accomplished, so tune in (either in person at the Wu & Chen auditorium, or here via the Livestream) beginning at 6:00 p.m. when we will make our way through the finale of this exciting double-elimination tournament!